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October 6, 2017, in Montréal

Expo 67: The Place to Be

Expo 67: The Place to Be


Montréal, Québec


Gratuit / Free

Outdoor exhibition on McGill College Avenue
From May 29 until October 29, 2017

Montreal’s Universal and International Exhibition, which ran from April 27 to October 29, 1967, was a unique event in the history of Canada and remains an unforgettable memory for those who saw it. Over these six months, millions shared the heady experience of “Man and His World.” People from across the planet flocked to Montreal, and in opening its arms to them, the city – along with Quebec and Canada – redefined its identity. Jean-Louis Frund’s photographs capture the spectacular architecture of the various pavilions and conjure the excitement of this magical place, whose islands were summoned out the St. Lawrence for the occasion by the project’s engineers.

Through the installation of 24 photographs by Jean-Louis Frund on McGill College and feel the atmosphere of the Expo 67 site!

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