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    On two wheels at your pace

    Discover Québec on two wheels by riding along the 12,000 km of bicycle paths that span the province. Québec’s biggest bike path network, the Route Verte, stretches for more than 5,300 km, making it the longest in North America. In 2008, the National Geographic Society ranked it the top bike route in the world. The Route Verte is divided into eight sectors and criss-crosses 18 of Québec’s 22 tourist regions. It is signposted and accessible to everyone.

    Road cycling
    From east to west, you’ll discover stunning scenery in the rural sections, enjoy cool breezes off the St. Lawrence River, ride alongside magnificent rivers and look out over lush green mountains. You’ll also come across delicious local products, talented craftspeople, covered bridges and friendly inns! Accommodations marked Bienvenue cyclistes! provide services that are adapted to the needs of bike tourists. Pedal off with complete peace of mind!

    Mountain biking and fatbiking
    Mountain biking and fatbiking are extremely popular in Québec. Thrill seekers can enjoy an unforgettable experience riding uphill and downhill over rough and rocky mountain biking and fatbiking trails. Defying natural obstacles in the forest is a challenge in itself! Enthusiasts flock to sites like Bromont (Eastern Townships), the Vallée Bras-du-Nord and Mont-Sainte-Anne, near Québec City, where many top-tier international competitions take place.

    Parc National du Mont-Tremblant / Photo : Christian Savard

    Canal Lachine / Berges Ouest

    It would be a sacrilege not to mention the most popular bike path on the entire island of Montreal, the Lachine Canal Trail. It begins in Berri, crosses Old Montreal and runs along the canal to the Lachine borough. Being one of the best known and most practical, it is also one of the busiest, so be cautious and alert to other users. We suggest you continue on the track Berges West along the river for a hike even more beautiful.

    Lac-Saint- Jean
    Véloroute des Bleuets

    The ultimate bike path. The Véloroute des Bleuets is waiting for you for a complete tour of Lac-Saint-Jean. This 256-kilometer loop offers interesting elevation changes and breathtaking scenery. The track, sheltered from rushed motorists, is asphalted along its entire length. It also offers some interesting branches to visit. To do in two or three days, depending on your training level and the condition of your legs.

    Parc linéaire de Petit Témis

    The Petit Témis Interprovincial Linear Park is the first bike path to connect Québec and New Brunswick. Composed of 134 km (83 mi.) of gravel paths reserved strictly for cyclists and pedestrians, this park is located on a decommissioned railway. None of the slopes exceed 4%, meaning the paths accessible to everyone.

    Cantons de l’est

    The Estriade and its network is the only trail where cyclists don’t have to worry about the presence of motorists. Created from the combination of six trails (Daniel-Johnson, Granbyenne, Parc régional de la Haute-Yamaska, Parc national de la Yamaska, Campagnarde and the Estriade), this 56-km circuit offers a journey with beautiful scenery of the Eastern Townships.

    Bixi / Photo : Bixi

    Don’t have a bike?
    No problem! You can explore Montréal’s neighbourhoods by renting a bike from the BIXI bike-sharing system. Just pick one up from any of the city’s 460 BIXI stations and drop it off at any other station near your destination. This service is available from April until November.

    Photo : Christian Savard
    Photo : Bixi

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