Mercredi, 1 février 2023
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    Drag on the verge of a nervous breakdown

    *** CANCELLED — Due to unforeseen circumstances, the BenDeLaCreme Is… Ready to Be Committed show in Montreal at Rialto Theatre on 7/16 is cancelled. ***

    BenDeLaCreme (aka Benjamin Putnam) is best known for appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six and RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season Three. Benjamin’s stage name is a pun between his first name and the phrase “crème de la crème”, which means the best of the best. He prefers to distinguish between his private male personality and his public female personality.

    He previously explained on the show that he considers BenDeLaCreme “the best part of Ben, which is the name of the man I share a body with. In my opinion, DeLa is my “woman” part. If you call me “Ben”, you’re talking to this man. If you call me “DeLa”, you are talking to me. Dela says he owes his interest in the art of drag and the “new burlesque” to the style of Varla Jean Merman, after seeing his show Holiday Ham in 2011. His character is both theatrical and characterful, clearly more larger than life style and archetype of the 1950s pin-up girl.

    DeLa considers transformism to be “something inherently political” and an opportunity to encourage people to think about complex issues regarding gender and sexuality through humor and drama.

    The touring show she will present solo in Montreal at the Rialto Theatre on July 16, Ready to be Committed combines comedy, singing, new burlesque and dance.

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