Vendredi, 2 juin 2023
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    Montreal photographer Pierre Dalpé exhibitions in Australia and Brazil

    The work of internationally-acclaimed Montreal photographer Pierre Dalpé will be displayed in two new exhibitions in Australia and Brazil.

    Dalpé’s solo exhibition Máscaradas / Masquerades runs at the queer Casa Fluida venue in São Paulo, Brazil, from January 28 to February 25. Dalpé is also part of the prestigious QUEERTOGRAPHY group exhibition during Sydney Mardi Gras / WorldPride 2023 which runs from February 17 to March 5.

    Dalpé’s work explores the interconnected relationships between the body, identity, disguise and performance. Navigating between documentary reportage and staged mise-en-scène, his photography questions preconceived notions regarding photographic portraiture and narrative representations.

    The Máscaradas / Masquerades solo exhibition in São Paulo features images from three bodies of work: 30 framed images from Dalpe’s acclaimed Wigstock series, 15 framed images from his Personae series and a selection of Brazil Carnival portraits from the past three years.

    A selection of Dalpé’s Wigstock images will also be part of the Queertography group exhibition in Sydney.

    “I documented Wigstock from 1992-1995 at the height of its popularity and captured the fabulousness of drag and disguise in all its glorious forms,” Dalpé says. “Wigstock included spectacular on-stage drag performances and musical acts, but the most compelling spectacle for me was the audience itself. Mainstream pop culture was put through a gender blender by thousands of people in all sorts of cross-dressing drag, carnivalesque costumes, Halloween getups, DIY fashion, and fetish wear. It was breathtaking.”

    INFOS | Máscaradas / Masquerades runs from January 28 to February 25 in São Paulo, Brazil, and Queertography runs from February 17 to March 5 in Sydney, Australia. For more information, visit

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