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    Full House, february 2023

    Early fans of the positive and unifying rhythms that characterize house music, the LGBTQ communities have taken an important place at the heart of the electronic music scene since its very beginning. Nowadays, it can be difficult, however, to keep up with the ever-growing number of artists and album releases. That’s why, I’m providing you in this new column with an overview of the music that stands out on the house music and larger music scene. As its name suggests, I’ll put together for you three new releases to discover and two hits to hear again, to complete your FULL HOUSE.

    Three Hits to Discover

    PNAU and Troye Sivan: You Know What I Need
    Australian electronic act PNAU, who gave us the mega-hit Cold Heart, with Elton John and Dua Lipa are back. After hitting a home run with the song that’s generated over 1.5 billion streams, PNAU launched You Know What I Need in December, in collaboration with singer Troye Sivan. Known for his songs I’m So Tired and My My My, the Aussie singer’s catchy falsetto adds to PNAU’s synth-pop beats, making the song dangerously effective. The video is also particularly groundbreaking, with a visionary demonstration of AI’s awe-inspiring capabilities. The process started very conventionally with Troye simply filming his performance on his phone. He was then cut-out of the background using a mix of AI automation and manual work, before AI enhancements and video generation together with human creativity and experimentation resulted in the video we now see.

    Martin Garrix and JVKE : Hero
    Dutch DJ Martin Garrix, famous for his breakthrough hit Animals, teamed up last December with young American singer JVKE, behind the TikTok hit Upside Down. The two artists present Hero, produced in collaboration with the MARVEL SNAP video game. The song brings together all the elements of a good hit, and is supported by a colourful video featuring Marvel characters. What else can we ask for? Speaking of Martin Garrix, we also recommend the excellent Netflix documentary What We Started, which traces the history of House music and takes you backstage with Garrix as he prepares to take over Ultra Miami.

    Siibii : YoY
    Montreal-based queer, non-binary Indigenous artist Siibii released brand new single YoY in December. Frankly refreshing, the song demonstrates Siibii’s vocal versatility and the extent of the singer’s talent. Addressing the theme of mental health, YoYshares a message of kindness and self-acceptance. We love the marriage between the musical quality and the depth of the texts and we bet that this local rising star will reach the highest peaks before long. Bravo!

    Two Hits to Listen to Again

    Claptone: His Whole Work
    People of Quebec City: open your ears! Enigmatic German DJ Claptone (or is it a duo? Who knows.) will take over Igloofest’s Loto-Québec stage at Place Jean-Béliveau on March 4. We recommend that you blast his first hit No Eyes on repeat until then. One of the most influential figures on the international house scene today, Claptone creates captivating melodies and spellbinding beats. His latest release last November features remixes of his song Nobody, with none other than Barry Manilow himself. For all these reasons, and for all of his work, we recommend that you listen to Claptone again.

    Dawn Tallman: Get Here
    Dawn Tallman is one of those American singers who’s soulful, gospel-sounding voice will fill you with the exhilarating feeling that everything is within your reach. We already loved her for Feel the Vibe, with Bob Sinclair, and for her powerful cover of Teardrops, by Womack & Womack. That said, we fell in love again last fall thanks to Get Here, an original song as catchy as it is touching. We suggest playing her song for a 5 à 7 with a glass of vino in good company. Cheers!

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