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    A date with women’s GUILT

    Centaur Theatre is thrilled to present the highly anticipated GUILT (a love story) by Diane Flacks and directed by Alisa Palmer. Sharply perceptive and painfully funny, this one-woman show confronting the unshakable monster that is Guilt runs from March 12 to March 30, 2024, at Centaur Theatre. GUILT (a love story) is a deep dive into a complex, uncomfortable, and highly human feeling – a state of being that most of us, especially parents, wrestle with inelegantly.

    GUILT begins by focusing on Flacks’ odyssey: the perspective of a self-sacrificing Jewish mother instigating family dissolution. Flacks stands in the eye of an explosion in which she is the bomb. Drawing on Western philosophy, pop culture, and Jewish heritage, she brings the audience an erudite, emotionally turbulent, and hilarious journey.

    Diane Flacks in Guilt (A Love Story) at Tarragon Theatre (2024) – photo by Cylla von Tedemann

    « Divorcing women in media were either presented as ‘the evil other woman’ or the one-who-was-betrayed victim. And I wasn’t either of those and felt like there was a perspective to be examined. I researched, interviewed, and investigated this perspective and the origins and utility of guilt. In time, I realized the way through, both personally and artistically, was diving in. »
    — Diane Flacks.

    GUILT (a love story) is Canadian theatre legend Diane Flacks’ fifth one-woman show and is her most autobiographical to date. Her uniquely acerbic humour and keen-eyed observations on the human condition have earned her many accolades, including a Dora nomination for Outstanding New Play for her multi-character exploration of women and religion, Unholy, and an Emmy nomination for her work as a writer on The Kids in the Hall.

    Following a run at Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, Flacks makes her Centaur debut with this one-of-a-kind new play directed by the award-winning Alisa Palmer, who has spent eight years at the Shaw Festival and has had the privilege of directing shows across the country and beyond, including ‘Night Mother and Top Girls (Soulpepper), which was the subject of a documentary film Girls on Top (Fightingfish Productions), Cloud 9 (Mirvish Productions), and The Body Politic (Buddies in Bad Times Theatre).

    Guilt by Diane Flacks/ Tarragon Thetare – photo by Cylla von Tedemann

    INFOS | GUILT (a love story), from March 12, 2024 – March 30, 2024 At Centaur Theatre, 453 Saint- François-Xavier

    TICKETS: Regular $25; Student $18; Seniors, Under 30, Subscribers, Cultural Workers & Arts Workers $20.

    To purchase tickets, please visit
    or call the box office at (514) 288-3161.

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