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    Full House mai 2024

    The month of May has finally arrived, and I bet you’re all impatiently awaiting the first day when you can finally let yourself blossom like a tulip in the sun. While you wait for the temperature to rise high enough and the grass to be green enough for you to lounge comfortably in a park, I share with you a few excellent tracks that will help you put together your summer playlist. You’ll find here European, American and Gay as May material giving you an overview of the hottest songs on the house, dance and lounge scene of the moment. As suggested by the name of the column, I give you three new releases and two hits to hear again to complete

    Three Recent Songs to Discover
    Jeanne Mas, Pablo Bozzi – Toute première fois (Pablo Bozzi Remix)
    Heard for the very first time on European radios in February 1984, Toute première fois is the single that introduced the French singer Jeanne Mas and her first album to the public. Reminiscing of Mylène Farmer’s greatest hits, the track is today considered a classic of the synthpop movement of the 1980s. Last June, the song was masterfully revisited by French DJ Pablo Bozzi. Whether you’re a fan of the original song or not, Pablo Rozzi’s remix will have you raise your hands and vibe as if you were dancing alongside Eurythmic’s Annie Lennox and Indochine’s Nicola Sirkis.

    Purple Disco Machine and Wamdue Project – King of My Castle
    Having already scored a Grammy for his remix of Lizzo’s About Damn Time, German DJ and producer Purple Disco Machine turned his attention last August to Wamdue Project’s classic 1997 floorfiller King Of My Castle. His new version adds a disco stomp and irresistibly funky bassline to the original one, breathing new life into that iconic vocal. The track came on the heels of a jam-packed year which included a hot streak of singles. The summer of 2023 alone has brought two club anthems in Paradise, a collaboration with Sophie and The Giants, and the disco homage Bad Company, in addition to the Kungs collaboration Substitution, which I talked about in this column when it came out and which now boasts nearly 200 million Spotify streams. Also worth noting that Purple Disco Machine will be in Montreal once again in the first week of June at Club La Voûte on the occasion of the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The last time the funk house icon had visited Montreal was exactly a year ago for a stop at New City Gaz.

    Todd Edwards, Shermanology and Rudimental – Rain
    This is probably the first time that I bring you a track that has not even been released yet as I write these lines. Due out on April 12th, Rain is one of Defected Records’ hottest new songs and will most likely be one of this year’s most summery anthems. Released on the occasion of the label’s 25th anniversary, the song brings together talents from the label’s storied past and the stars of its future, as legendary UKG pioneer Todd Edwards, Caribbean-Dutch duo Shermanology (Sometimes) and UK band Rudimental unite in creation for the joyful track. The three artists are household names in their own right, and now their ongoing friendship has resulted in this extra special piece born out of a place of love. Throughout the bright and uplifting release, Todd’s unmistakeable signature sound blends with Shermanology’s joyous vocals and production plus Rudimental’s underground electronic style for a match made in heaven; a seminal release in the Defected catalogue.

    Two Songs to Play Again
    Ash Gordon and Alaska Thunderfuck – Everyone Is a Little Bit Gay
    EIn the heart of Pride Month 2022, queer music star Ash Gordon wanted to remind everyone that… everyone is a little bit gay. So, she enlisted the talents of none other than Alaska Thunderfuck to majestically spread her message of openness through a most entertaining song. The joyful, playful and upbeat piece is a celebration of individuality and a reminder to be yourself, as loudly and proudly as you want. With a definite rock influence and a totally exhilarating vibe, the song will make you bust a move to express yourself and your identity (and your sexuality!) loud and clear. Turn up the volume and let yourself go!

    Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have a Kiki
    Released in September 2012, Let’s Have a Kiki by the American band Scissor Sisters (I Don’t Feel Like Dancing) immediately carved out a place for itself on the LGBTQ+ club music scene at the time. With its ongoing and hypnotizing bass and keyboard line, the song hasn’t lost an ounce of relevance and effectiveness among fans in the community. The impact was immediate when I played it at the last edition of Cabaret Accents Queers at Usine C, which is why the track deserves a place in this month’s list. But what on Earth is a kiki exactly you ask? According to different sources, the term from the early 20th century ballroom culture refers to a social gathering of friends, more precisely from the LGBTQ+, African-American and Latino communities where one would enjoy the juiciest gossips. Spill the tea!

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