Welcoming Québec

Open to diversity

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Photo prise par © ATR- Bas-Saint-Laurent (Nicolas Gagnon)

A compelling blend of Old World charm and North American innovation, Québec’s cities are characterized by an energy and human quality that leave no visitor unmoved. Amid such pervasive warmth and vibrancy, feeling at home is only natural! 

Montréal, Québec City and Trois-Rivieres—all perfectly situated alongside great waterways and each present a different facet of urban life in Québec, while sharing certain assets: an exciting cultural scene, top-notch hotels and gourmet offerings that reflect the very best culinary traditions. In these cities  yesterday’s buildings gaze upon their reflections in the shimmering façades of today’s glass and steel towers. Locals practice the art of having a good time at every turn supported by the jam-packed event calendar. There’s enough nightlife for even the most committed pleasure-seeker! Easy to get to, easy to enjoy, Québec’s cities are an excellent introduction to the province.

Looking for a little joie de vivre? It's everywhere in Québec. Québec dazzles its visitors with its extraordinary cities, its fabulous festivals, its fine dining and countless boutiques… not to mention its colourful nightlife! Montréal, the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, has a sizeable gay district: the Village. Nightclubs, restaurants and boutiques catering specifically to a gay clientele abound, as do a large number of hotels and bed & breakfasts. In Québec, we sure like to party, and the gay community is no different than the rest! End of July and beginning of August the wildly popular Divers/Cité festival showcases shows, featuring signers, music groups, drag queens and DJs. Two weeks later, amid a carnival atmosphere, several hundreds of thousands of people gather in the streets of Montréal for ‘’Pride Montreal’’, the city's annual gay and lesbian pride parade, which closes the flamboyant week long Pride festival. Historic Québec City also hosts its own gay pride festival, La Fête Arc-en-ciel on Labor Day Week-end. In October, the Black & Blue Festival attracts tens of thousands of gay visitors to Montréal with its program of sixty different events, including one of the biggest raves in the world. The same month image + nation, Montréal's international gay and lesbian film and video festival—the oldest and largest of its genre in Canada—showcases more than 200 films. The first World OutGames were held in Montréal in 2006 with nearly 12,000 participants from numerous countries competing in sporting and cultural events.

Québec was one of the first jurisdictions in the world to outlaw any form of discrimination towards homosexual persons. Moreover, under legislation that was passed unanimously by the National Assembly in June 2002, same-sex couples can legalize their status as a couple by entering into a civil union. This new institution also grants same-sex couples to right to adopt children. Gay and lesbian communities throughout the world enjoy the ambiance of freedom and safety that prevails here.