L’île d’Orléans

L’île d’Orléans, A wonderfull island

Yves Lafontaine
L’île d’orléans
L’île d’orléans
  • L’île d’orléans
  • L’île d’orléans

At just 15 minutes from Quebec City’s downtown (by bridge), the Île d’Orléans has many activities to offer. About 7 000 people reside on this island which is 34 km long by 9 km wide. L’Île d’Orléans posseses a very rich history. First populated by the Huron tribe chased to the north by the Iroquois, this island was discovered by Jacques Cartier (Canada’s discoverer) who named it first Bacchus, but then re-named it Orléans in honor of king François the first, son of the Duke of Orleans.

For a long time it was nicknamed the Sorcerers’ Island. But then, in 1642, it was offered by governor Montmagny to Maisonneuve, who refused this present and went on to found Ville-Marie (which became Montreal). The infamous Lavallée sorcerer which — according to the legend — has destroyed the English fleet in 1711, resided there. In 1759, the English general Wolf established a military camp to spy on New France’s capital. The Île d’Orleans holds many tourist attractions, among them the Mauvide-Genest manor and Sainte-Famille Church (both erected in 1734) are a must to visit. The view on Montmorency falls is incredible. Shops, handicraft artists, vineyards and farmers will make you buy and taste the many local food and produce. High quality B&B’s are also located on the island. 


Le Canard Huppé 

2198, ch. Royal, Saint- 
Québec, Canada, G0A 3Z0 
T. 418 828-2292 
T. 1 800 838-2292 

The "Le Canard Huppé" Inn is a small charming hotel ideally located between the river and fields. Private and hospitable, it offers you peace and comfort in one of its rooms in the Auberge champêtre. Whether for a night, full board or your vacation, you are more than welcome to stay. Inspired by Quebec tradition, regional cuisine reigns supreme. Inn where you'll enjoy fine dining, a warm and hospitable welcome and the tranquil surroundings of Île d'Orléans... all just 15 minutes from Old Québec City. 


Café Bistro de la Plage 

1180, chemin Royal, 
T. 418 829-3315 

This restaurant is directly located by the river with wide windows to admire the view ! Pizza, salads, fine pastas, grill and sandwiches, this is what the ‘’bistro’’ menu means ! Oh, about that view, the restaurant’s terrace is as long as the establishment and , at low tide, you’ll think you’re on a boat… and this makes it an ideal place to relax completely… 

Cassis Monna et filles 

721, chemin Royal, Saint-Pierre 
T. 418 828-2525 

Just at the Island’s entrance, the Cassis Monna & filles grow blackcurrants (or cassis) and develop fine blackcurrant liqueur with international recognition. They create the exquisite Île d’Orleans Crème of blackcurrant, the establishment produces also two aperitive wines and a sweet Madeira style wine. You’ll be charmed to taste these fine liqueurs under the vaults of the winery, but that’s not all, you’ll be invited to roam freely in the little museum and you’ll learn a bit more about the secrets of wine and liqueur making… 

Manoir Mauvide Genest 

1451, ch. Royal, Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans 
Québec, Canada, G0A 3W0 
T. 418 829-2630 

Discover the Mauvide-Genest manor (1734), a splendid example of the architectural heritage of the French regime. For a taste of the 18th-century, come visit this seigniorial home whose furniture and objects tell the story of the Mauvide-Genest couple and their day-to-day life in New France. 

Maison Drouin 

4700, ch. Royal, Sainte-Famille 
Québec, Canada, G0A 3P0 
T. 418 829-0330 

This house, built under the French Regime, was one of the first homes of the 18th century. Inhabited until 1984, Maison Drouin (Drouin house) has never been modernized and is the oldest home open to visitors on Île d'Orléans. This building is a prime example of the priceless treasures of Québec's architectural heritage. 

Pub le Mitan 

3887, chemin Royal, Sainte-Famille 
T. 418 829-0408 

An English style pub with a wide choice of beers produced on a small scale in their own brewery. Their covered terrace gives you a beautiful view on the river and the Beaupre’s coast. But the pleasure is also in your dish with their bistro menu. Neighboor to the centuries’ old church the Pub le Mitan is at the heart of the Sainte-Famille village. 

Verger Bilodeau 

2200, ch. Royal, Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans 
Québec, Canada, G0A 4E0 
T.?418 828-9316 

Interpretation centre. Guided tour of the cider house. Information on fermentation, bottling, mistelles and ice cider. Awarded the Coupe d'Or (gold cup) for its maple mistelle and the Mention Or (gold mention) for its strawberry cider. Sample ciders and by-products, such as apple butter and whole-grain mustard. Pick-your-own, mini-farm.