QUEBEC CITY: Experience history

Guide Arc-en-ciel Quebec Rainbow Guide

With its narrow cobblestone streets, old city walls, and friendly gay scene, Quebec City seems to have everything for a magical trip. As soon as you arrive in the charming quarter known as "Old Quebec", you'll realize this city, founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, is like no place else in North America.

The friendly locals speak predominantly French, but in tourist areas and gay bars and restaurants you'll manage with English. No matter what the season, there are always special events taking place in Quebec City. The summertime Festival d'Eté de Québec takes place in July, and winter's Carnaval de Quebec, takes place in January and February. For the gay community, the Fierté Québec (Quebec City Pride), takes place the first weekend of September (during Labour Day Weekend). 

bar Le Drague - Olivier Poulin Fête Arc-en-ciel - Olivier Poulin

Now and always, history is being experienced and written in the province's capital. Dive into the heart of authentic history with all the different heritage sites found in the city and region of Québec. Those who love archaeology and history will spend hours in wonder as they wind through the streets that teem with memories which tell the tale of the past. You will quickly understand why Québec is known as one of the most prized gems on the North American continent. It is impossible to pass over Québec's military history in silence. Visitors can deepen their knowledge of history with a guided tour of La Citadelle and the Plains of Abraham both of which were the setting for many well-known historic events. Today, this magnificent park at the heart of the city is a haven of peace with flowering gardens where you can enjoy a nice walk. You'll find the city's gay scene along portions of quaint rue St-Jean, a street full of various bars, cafes and boutiques just outside the walls of the Old City. 

Plage de BeauportThe outskirts of Québec City are simply enchanting. In just a few minutes, you could find yourself deep in the countryside or in the heart of one of the large natural parks. The Chute Montmorency alone (83 m / 272 ft. high) is a magnificent waterfall well worth the detour. Characterized by abrupt dips in the landscape, the Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is sure to leave you speechless. Venture through the marshes at the Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area to observe up close 300 species of birds, including the tens of thousands of snow geese that visit twice a year, in the spring and fall.

From September 1 to 4, 2016

Much of the Quebec City Pride Festival activities will be held in the historic Saint-Jean-Baptiste sector of Quebec City. Outdoor music concerts and drag queen shows on Friday and Saturday evening at Place d’Youville. Saint-Jean Street will be closed to trafic for the occasion and transformed into a pedestrian mall : there will defenately be a festive athmosphere on Saint-Jean Street espcially for the Saturday and Sunday Community Fair, with as many as 30 community groups on hand to explain their numerous services to visitors. Of course the Community Fair is also an occasion to stroll down the street and discover the many attractive and charming shops along this beautiful commercial artery. The raising of the rainbow flag, an opening welcome cocktail, a family oriented brunch and the solidarity march will be part of the program this year. Sports events will also be on the menu after last year’s success… It goes without saying that Quebec City’s 2 gay bars, Drague Cabaret Club and St. Matthew's, will offer special events, shows, Dj's and parties (including men parties at St. Matthew's). Many other events will be announced during the summer. Quebec City, or the Old Capital as it is also known, is awaiting visitors on this unique occasion to meet with it's LGBT community and have a good time and enjoy it's many charms it has to offer. And Québec City's Fête Arc-en-ciel is a fast growing event in this capital. Las year as much as 30 000 people attended the various events, and organizers are awaiting as many for their 12th edition this year. In 2016, the festivities theme will be ''Shine in all its glory'' ! Although there's no ''parade'' in the Old Capital, one can have a lot of fun in the many drag queen shows and other parties... Lots of sexy men and gals will be visiting Québec City during this Labour Day Weekend ! 



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