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All roads lead to Lac Saint-Jean & Saguenay

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Whether biking along these scenic roads through the warm friendly villages or kayaking down wonderful rivers, all roads lead to Lac Saint-Jean where an exciting adventure awaits you. 

Fond of great cuisine, festive cultural or simply like to relax, Lac Saint-Jean has all and more to provide an ‘out of this world’ experience. By visiting the many diverse sites and attractions that surround the inland sea, you will come to appreciate the magnitude of Lac-Saint-Jean along with the famous ‘Blueberry welcome, a name affectionately given to the people of Lac-Saint-Jean.

Your visit will be a blend of human kindness and friendly encounters making it an unforgettable experience. Do as others have done before you and you will realize to what extent ‘you can leave the lake, but the lake will never leave you'.

And don’t miss The Véloroute des Bleuets, with over 250 km (155 mi.) of delectable vistas over Lac Saint-Jean. The bike path crosses the Parc national de la Pointe-Taillon, home to moose and beavers and a prime spot for swimming, kayaking and canoeing. The Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien, where the animals roam free and the visitors are in cages.

The Village historique de Val-Jalbert, a ghost town, which prospered for a quarter century around a pulp and paper mill built at the base of a waterfall.

The Montagnais people of Lac-Saint-Jean will introduce you to their history and culture at the Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh.




June 21, 2017

National Aboriginal Day

The National Aboriginal Day, is a day of gathering celebrating the Summer Equinox. Cultural activities and spiritual ceremonies take place at Uashassihtsh and people get to share and exchange happy moments. Although this is a local festivity, visitors are most welcome to attend and take part in the many events.

From July 22 to 30, 2017

La 63e Traversée internationale du lac St-Jean 

Place de la Traversée, 1130, boul. St-Joseph, Roberval, Québec, Canada, G8H 2L9

Major open water swimming festival with international competitions, four amateur events ranging from 1 to 10 km (0.6 to 6 mi.) and free or affordable festivities including outdoor shows, fireworks and the famous Loto-Québec Supper in the Streets bringing together 10,000 guests around a table over a kilometre (0.6 miles) long!

From July 14 to 16, 2017

Pow wow Grand rassemblement des Premières Nations

Site Uashassihth, Mashteuiatsh  G0W 2H0

Don't miss THE Ilnu cultural event! Everyone is invited to attend the activities presented during one of the largest and most magnificent First Nations gatherings in Québec. Powwow dances, shows, traditional sports competitions, time-honoured meals, handicraft exhibit and more. POW-WOW : It’s a celebration for people of all ages that include Aboriginal music, dancing, regalia, food and handicrafts. Originally, the Aboriginals would meet and take this opportunity to settle disputes, forge new alliances, and trade. Family and religion were also central components of the powwows of yore.



Le Village de Val jalbert

95, rue Saint-Georges, Chambord (Québec)G0W 1G0  T. 418 275-3132 1 888 675-3132

Whether you are staying in comfortable accommodation or camping for nature lovers or for a day trip, the Historic Village of Val-Jalbert offers different rates of accommodation and services to better serve you! Several period buildings have been converted into very beautiful bedrooms. The authentic materials of the period houses and the general store have been perfectly integrated in the refined style of the rooms.Very comfortable and spacious, they are skilfully decorated with antiques and photographs from the village of Val-Jalbert when the pulp mill was active in the 1920s. The campsite is located at the entrance to the historic village of Val-Jalbert, along the Ouiatchouan river. It has 190 sites in a deciduous and coniferous wooded area. An economical formula, halfway between the motel and the campsite, will charm the groups who want to spend a few days in the open air without compromising their comfort.



Carrefour d’accueil ILNU

1516, rue Ouiatchan, Nashtewas, T. 418-275-7200

The Carrefour is the door to learn more about the Ilnuatsh culture. From the Carrefour Ilnu, you will get the chance to discover patrimonial paths and leading to a better understanding to this culture and way of life revolving around the five seasons and the many legends and stories told by the very learned guide. Open all year long, the Carrefour is the first contact with this community.

Musée amérindien Gardien de la mémoire d’un peuple

Rue Amishk, Mashteuiatsh, QC G0W 2H0  T. 418 275-4842

This museum is open all year long and welcomes people wanting to get acquainted with the Pekuakamiulnuatsh culture with it’s permanent and temporary exhibitions. One will discover the traditional way of life as it relates closely to the territory. If you venture in the outdoor site of  Nutshimitsh you’ll discover the plants and fauna pertaining to the Ilnuatsh way of life. If you also visit the Uashassihtsh site and this museum, one will get the impression to know a bit more about this most welcoming and friendly aboriginal nation. The permanent exhibition of the Mashteuiatsh Amerindian Museum takes you through 6,000 years of history, that of the Pekuakamiulnuatsh. Take a look through this living window onto the past, a dynamic look at the Pekuakami First Nation.  Share in the wealth of a culture in touch with the Nitassinan and hear the voices of wisdom from generations past. The crafts shop has unique items inspired by First Nation cultures, many of which come from the creative spirits and hands of community artisans.

Village de Val Jalbert

95, rue Saint-George, Chambord, QC G0W 1G0  T. 418-275-3132   1 800-675-3132

To travel to Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean is also to travel back in time… to Val-Jalbert’s historic village! Founded in 1901 to provide for the workers of the Ouiatchouan pulp company, this model village became prosperous in the 1920’s but had to be closed in 1942 due to lack of work. It then became a ghost town until it was reopened in the 1970’s as a tourist attraction. Today, Val-Jalbert offers to visitors a trip to the 1920’s. At the paper mill, at the general store or the at the post office, a host of colorful characters will tell you stories of their lives in the village. The forty historic buildings showcase various ancient objects and works of art. One can also ride the cable car to the top of the mighty, 236 feet tall Ouiatchouan waterfall, or participate in the many activities available to the visitors. At Val-Jalbert’s historic village, there’s something for everybody. A must-see!

Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien

2230, boul. du Jardin, C.P. 90, Saint-Félicien, Québec, G8K 2P8 T.  418-679-0543

Located in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, the distinctive and unique Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien is a must-see! In a large 485-hectare complex for animals that provides unique contact with over 1,000 animals and 75 species, you will get your chance to explore great boreal nature. Treat yourself to a fantastic getaway with the Zoo sauvage and Anima Lumina. You’ll experience an unforgettable day—with 100% nature and amazement guaranteed! You’ll get up close and personal with animals from the boreal forest, enjoy a relaxing train ride in the Nature trail Park, zoo nursey, mini veterinarian clinic, water games and so much more! And when evening comes around, don’t miss out on the zoo’s illuminated night walk, Anima Lumina. An experience by Moment Factory. We look forward to seeing you there! The zoo host exotic species, such as Japanese macaques, Amur tigers and Bactrian camels from Mongolia. The Nature Trail Park can be visited aboard a train that takes guests along a seven-kilometre (four-mile) circuit where great North-American mammals live freely. Experienced naturalist guides will meet with you on-site to answer any questions and explain on-site presentations. The Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien, bringing you face-to-face with nature.


___Best Beaches___

 Plage Saint-Gédéon

8, chemin de la Plage, Saint-Gédéon, Québec, G0W 2P0  T. 418 345-8774

People like this beach because of it’s very fine sand, it’s party athmosphere and it’s sunsets as if you were on the coast.


Plage du Parc National de Pointe-Taillon

835, rang 3 ouest, Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, Québec, G0W 2X0  T. 1 800 665-6527

You’ll probably feel as if this beach were your’s and your’s only… Why ? It’s more than 15 km long and on a sunny hot day, the water gets warmer by the hour ! What more to ask ? Semi-preciious stones of course...


Plage le Rigolet 

18, rue André, Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix, Québec, T. 1 888 349-2060

On the shores of lake Saint-Jean, one can discover this wonderful public and free access beach which holds many services : tourist’s information, hiking trail, play area, food, pic-nic area and parking space. Direct access to Véloroute des bleuets, the ‘’Blueberries’’ bike path’’.


___Did you know ?___

The Véloroute des Bleuets offers a 256 km cycling circuit, 100 % asphalt, around the majestic Saint-Jean lake and along many tourists attractions, making it an excellent way for everyone to discover the region. You can take advantage of the lake's unique personality, its generous nature and the population's warm welcome. Véloroute des Bleuets is part of Quebec's development plan of a cycling circuit. It was the first project announced as part of the Route Verte (The green path).