Canada Pride Montréal 2017

A multisports tournament for Canada Pride Montréal 2017

L'équipe de rédaction

In the tradition of the 1976 Olympic Games and the 1st World Outgames in 2006, Montréal Pride organizers have integrated a two-day sports tournament in the program of Canada Pride Montréal 2017, next August 12 and 13. 

 “We want to represent the many facets of the communities,” says Montréal Pride President and founder, Éric Pineault. “Sport has been an integral part of the emancipation of our LGBTTIQA2S communities, especially in Montréal, where there have been LGBTTIQA2S sports organizations since 1980. This first edition of Canada Pride Montréal 2017 aims to rekindle the flame and showcase sport amateurs of the sexual diversity and gender plurality.”


Seven sports will be featured with local clubs acting as the hosts of each tournament:  Badminton (Les G-Bleus Badminton Club), Rugby (Montréal Armada RFC), Soccer (ASUF -Association sportive urbaine francophone), Softball, Tennis (Montreal Tennis Lambda), Volleyball (VOLLEY BORÉAL, Volleyball Club) and Water-polo (Les Phoques fantastiques). In partnership with various members of Équipe Montréal, the sports tournament will centralize all competitions at the Claude-Robillard Sports Complex – an official venue during the 1976 Olympics – and the adjacent André-Grasset College on August 12 and 13, 2017.

After playing their favorite sports, the tournament participants are invited to a free BBQ party at the Parc des Faubourgs. BBQ tickets for guests will be available for purchase. The first of three T-Dances will be held at the same time in the park so you can unwind with great beats from our world-renowned DJs.

Online Registration Already Underway

Registration for each of the tournaments has already begun and coordinator Sonia Latreille is encouraged by the initial reaction. Early registration will end on June 23 and regular registration will run up to August 4. To register online:

“This promises to be a unique event with participants from all over the country. This is an invitation to all LGBTTIQA2S sports organizations and individual amateurs to come join us and strive for their personal best while enjoying the spirit of camaraderie and fair-play. And, to even win a medal!” she adds.

More information is available online at: