Just For Laugh Festival

It's going to be a great year to laugh

L'équipe de rédaction

Plastic Bertrand, Village People, the OSM, P-A Méthot, Jean-François Mercier, Sèxe Illégal, Kool & the Gang and Russell Peters will be part of the Juste pour rire outdoor events 

The outdoor program will be even more hilarious than ever this year! Comedy's craziest get-together will celebrate its 35th birthday with a record number of shows! The Festival Juste pour rire presented by Vidéotron in collaboration with Loto-Québec is doing its birthday up right and will dazzle you with lots of new features and major events worthy of the biggest international festivals.


Getting 30 comedians and 10 musical performers together: yes, can do! Make it a date at the Scène Vidéotron from July 15 to 30 to see them.

July 15 Xarxa Teatre's inspiring theatre

The Spanish company Xarxa Teatre sparks curiosity! Music, street arts, pyrotechnics and theatre blend to create an upbeat, intriguing immersive experience. Veles e Vents is part of the official programming of Montréal's 375th anniversary.

July 16 - Plastic Bertrand will get Montréal on its feet

Plastic Bertrand, whom we first got to know in the 70s with his song Stop ou encore, returns to Montréal to perform his biggest hits! Xavier Caféine and his band will accompany this striking performer who made a unique mark on music. DJ Frijid will perform the first part of the show. 

July 17 - The Village People are back with a vengeance for Juste pour rire's 35th birthday 

The world's most popular disco band will be in Montréal for an unprecedented musical extravaganza! Come and see the colourful characters of this emblematic sextet! Audio Playground, composed of Gino Baggio, Doug St-Louis and Anthony Gitto, will present the first part of the return of Village People.


July 18 - The fourth edition of Mado's Got Talent is going to be huge!

Presented since 2014, the Mado's Got Talent show has been a spectacular hit each year. Enter the glittery world of this burlesque comedy star. You know you want to! 

July 19 - Show du 35: L'OSM et les grandes chansons comiques

For its 35th birthday, the Festival Juste pour rire decided to restore the prestige to our own comedic writing talents! You will rediscover the greatest comic songs from Quebec, orchestrated by none other than the OSM, under the musical direction of Stéphane Laforest and Réal Béland at the direction of the show. LesDenis Drolet, les Chick'n SwellClaudine MercierPatrick GroulxIngrid St-PierreOlivier MartineauNathalie ChoquetteDamien RobitailleRéal BélandFrançois PérusseRBO, Véronique Claveau and Patrick Malette will sing their greatest hits and you will see that humour has created many classics 

July 20 - Guillaume Wagner promises a no-holds-barred show! 

Guillaume Wagner will take to the Scène Vidéotron with all the candour he is known for to perform a few of his older and more recent numbers! You will also be wowed by the humour of Roman Frayssinet, who will perform the first part of the show.

July 21 - P-A Méthot performs the last show of his Plus gros que nature tour

The tales from the comedian's life will be performed for the last time by P-A Méthot! Don't miss the chance to come hear him tell his unfiltered, hilarious stories appreciated by tens of thousands of spectators since 2013.

July 22 - It's Fiesta Latina time!

The Colombian celebrity Esteman will present his show Los que bailan se contentan on the Scène Vidéotron! Come enjoy the heat of the Latin star's sound. 

July 23 - Patrick Groulx ends his tour along with the P'tits pas fins

Accompanied by Maude LandrySam Breton and Matthieu Pepper, better known as the P'tits pas fins, Patrick Groulx will his end show tour at the Festival Juste pour rire. Not to be missed!

July 24 -Jean-François Mercier's final performance of his most recent show 

Directed by Guy Jodoin and with François Avard as script editor, Jean-François Mercier presents an unprecedented collage of numbers that have earned him, over the years, a place in the sun. During this exclusive evening, he intends to rock fans as well as skeptics, and add a bit of his own colour to the immaculate white of the Place des Festivals. 

July 25 - Les Appendices celebrate Christmas

Be surprised by Campers' Christmas revisited by the Appendices! Absurdity and special guests will be on hand for a Christmas Eve like no other!

July 26 - The duo Sèxe Illégal invites you to the world's smallest music festival 

Make room for Cocochello, the world's smallest music festival, presented by Zoofest! They will be accompanied by the duo Sèxe IllégalDidier Lambert, the Sœurs Boulay, Greg from the Dead ObiesDumas, Julien Tremblay and Les Deuxluxes.

July 27 - Russell Peters will give quite a show! 

The Old School Mixtape Live by Russell Peters promises an exciting, memorable evening! Presented by Just for Laughs. 

July 28 - Danse ta vie !

This grand evening of dance, hosted by Gardy Fury, will feature the best dance troupes. Let yourself be swept away by the biggest hits from the most popular musicals that will make you want to dance like crazy! Then continue the party with music by Julie St-Pierre. 

July 29- The Comedy Jam storms the Place des festivals! 

The comedian Josh Adam Meyers and his band, Elemenopy, will host the very first underground humour event: The Goddamn Comedy Jam, where humour and rock & roll meet. Comedians will perform accompanied by a live band. Presented by Just for Laughs. 

July 30 - Kool and the Gang are going to groove the Scène Vidéotron

Who could be better than Kool and the Gang to bring the Scène Videotron's outdoor program to a close? Join the foursome and get moving to their greatest hits. Addictiv will be in the first part of the show


Shows will be presented on the Scène Loto-Québec every day at 6 pm, 7 pm, 8:30 pm and 10 pm, as well as at 4 pm from July 28 to 30, and at 5 pm on July 20 and 25. Among the events not to be missed is the first solo show by Mario Lirette and Michel Lafrance July 16 at 10 pm; Mélanie Ghanimé's shows on July 20 and 25 at 8:30 pm and July 17 and 18 at 10 pm; and the Tournoi d'humour EL DRÔLE at 6 pm from July 22 to 24 and from July 26 to 30.

The Punch Club shows, hosted by Robert Nelson on July 23 and 27 at 7 pm and 10 pm are must-sees. On July 23, you'll see Arnaud SolyLouis Courchesne and Ève Landry take on Vincent DargisCatherine Robert and Mathieu Lepage. On July 27, it will be up to Florence LongpréMarie-Ève Morency and Suzie Bouchard to face Mehdi BousaidanRichardson Zéphir and Fabiola Aladin.

On July 24, the Best Of from the LOL Contest in Ontario, will present Charles DorayAmélie TrottierAlfonso FergusonJustin ChénierGabrielle Poirier and Mickaël Girouard. The winner of the "Fais-moi rire" contest in Alberta, Manyx Paquin will also appear on stage.  

And there's more, including the show Ma décennie est meilleure que la tienne on July 25; La bande à Victor on July 26 and 27; Julien Lacroix and his band on July 28; l'Improbable ShowJuly 28; the Strip stand-up with Didier LambertMaude Landry and Charles Pellerin; and last but not least, on July 30, a show by Étienne Dano, who will also be accompanied by Simon DelisleKevin Raphael and Charles Pellerin

A variety of shows will be offered from July 15 to 30 on the Scène Loto-Québec which allows festival attendees to discover artists from here and elsewhere free of charge. "All across the province, Loto-Québec supports events with significant social and economic benefits for their communities. A must for the summer season, which is deeply rooted in Quebecers' lives and "drôlement" important, the Festival Juste pour rire is a perfect illustration of our sponsorship program and our mission, which is to enable our clients and festival attendees to experience A World of Entertainment," said Lucie Lamoureux, Corporate Director of Sponsorship and Social Commitment at Loto-Québec.


A Festival must, the Twins' Parade, is back for a 20th year! The event will take place on July 22 with a "Fiesta Latina" theme. The parade founders, Lucie and Luce Rozon, as well as Joël Legendre accompanied by his twins Anaïs et Marion, will be the event's spokespersons this year. 

From 5 pm to 7 pm on Tuesday 25 July, you will be able to appreciate the talent of exceptional singers at the Jardins des chorales.

The major happening Juste pour Ados is also back this year! Young people's favourite artists such as Pascal MorissetteSarah-Jeanne LabrosseFélix-Antoine TremblayClaudia Bouvette, and Mehdi Bousaidan will be there. Put Saturday July 29 in your agenda. 



A comedy venue especially designed for the newbies, the Mini-midi comédie hosted by Jessy SheehyMartine L'Écuyer and Garihanna Jean-Louis and Drôle d'apéro d'ados hosted by Alexandre Bisaillon will be presented by the Complexe Desjardins. This is also where festival attendees will have the chance to see École nationale de l'humour graduates perform in a comedy cabaret. From July 20 to 23 and from July 27 to 29, at noon and 5 pm.  


New at the Festival, the cinéma sur l'Esplanade will present two film projections per evening, starting at 9 pm of the following films: Let Yourself Go (Italy); Mr. Kaplan (Uruguay); The Wedding Plan (Israel); Chevalier (Greece); Pigeon Sat on a Branch (Sweden); Swiss Army Man (United States); Maggie's Plan (United States); Reality (Italy); Gueros (Mexico); Goon : Le dernier des durs à cuire (Canada); How to be a Latin Lover (United States, Mexico); Liza the Fox-Fairy (Hungary) and Prank (Quebec).   


With all its success, and considering the importance of The Just for Laughs Festival, the English side of Juste pour rire, it was about time that it had its own stage on the exterior site! Booked by the Festival's team, this small stage will present local and international comedians as well as a selection of videos of the best moments of the Galas Just for Laughs from the past few years. Just for laughs will present shows from 6 pm to 10 pm,host by Mike Paterson. Don't miss the programming to be unveiled soon.

It's a date with Montréal's 375th every day at 6 pm on the Esplanade de la Place des Arts for the Festia Latina! A variety of shows that will transport you to Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Portugal, Peru, Chili and Ecuador await you! 


At the end of the evening, be sure to turn up at the Melting Pot on the Place des Festivals, the outdoor club downtown to party on! You'll find Grandmaster Flash, Fatman Scoop, Russell Peters as well as DJ Short Cut, Paris & Simo, Paolo Rocco and Mike Larry for the biggest party of the summer. 


To the delight of young and old, Place de la famille du Lait offers outside activities for everyone: inflatable obstacle course, Super Shot, games of skill, Oobleck, group games and a bungee trampoline will ensure that youngsters can have good, old-fashioned fun. Colourful characters will also be in attendance to stir it up a bit!   


There will be a something for everyone on the Scène Carrousel with the magician Benoît Fournier and Big NazoCalixte, Chante Rose, La Fanfare d'Espace forain, and the Théâtre Group


Les Gags dans la rue will amuse passers by. Street performers will invite themselves along as people go about their business and stir up some fun! 

On Sainte-Catherine and Maisonneuve streets, you will find such colourful characters as Marchtiern, Irrwish, Delinus, CQP production, Albedo, and Les grosses têtesAnd back again this year, le Labyrinthe Tangerine and Écran des Gags de Tim Hortons.


The Festival's visual arts component, presented this year in collaboration with the Montreal Museum of Fine arts (MMFA), will make it even more fun to discover the MMFA's collection! The two free presentations will be a humorous tribute and will liven up Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme on the Place des Arts between 9 am and 11 pm, every day, rain or shine. Billy Tellier, the spokesperson for the Young Finalists' Exhibition in the HAHA-ART VisualArts Contest, will help showcase the talent of young Quebecers aged 18 and under, for the benefit of the Children's Wish Foundation. Come to the annual opening on July 17 from 5 pm to 7 pm. For more details, visit haha-art.com.  

Don't miss the Mondial des jeux Loto-Québec, the festival entirely dedicated to games in all their forms! As well, Scène Zoofest will once again offer exciting programming. 

For more information about the 2017 edition of the Festival Juste pour rire or to buy tickets, please visit hahaha.com.