August 9 - 19, 2018

Montréal Pride invites you to an explosion of renewed pride

André-Constantin Passiour
Photo prise par © Serge Blais
Photo prise par © Serge Blais

Last year Montreal Pride hosted the first ever Canada Pride and hundreds of thousands showed up for this incredible event taking place. And they had a blast ! In 2018, Montreal Pride is going back to a normal size. But something remains from last year though : a festival that runs through 2 weekends (11 days in all), the park des Faubourgs site and it also means 2 T-Dance parties in the park with exceptional local and international Dj’s ! 

Last year, Canadian born international star Nelly Furtado was on hand for a grand show, well this year there will also be an internationally renouned artist coming to town ! But it’s a secret for the moment… One will certainly enjoy a variety of activities, from music shows to top notch dj’s, drag shows, food, etc. The des Faubourgs park, near the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, will include two stages, one under the big top, the Casino de Montréal stage, and another large exterior one, the TD stage.  

The program will include some very nice suprises for everyone. This will surely include a show with stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race, as of past editions… There will be the traditional Pride flag raising ceremony on Friday the 10th at 6 :00 PM.  

On Saturday August 18th, it’s Commynity Fair Day, with a staggering number of community groups at hand reflecting today’s LGBT community (leisure, support, sports, rights groups, ethnic organizations, etc.). This Community Fair will stretch from St. Hubert to Papineau streets in the heart of the gay village (on Ste. Catherine St. East).  

On Sunday August 19th, it’s parade day ! Echoing last year’s parade, the parade will get going at 1 :00 PM from Dorchester Square in downtown Montreal and will stretch on 2,7 km towards the East, along Rene-Lévesque blvd.  This year’s theme is the color ‘’Blue’’ (from the rainbow flag), the symbol of harmony as conceived by Gilbert Baker, the rainbow flag creator. Renouned drag queen Michel Dorion will be the artistic director for the parade this year too. Marchers, bands and floats will stop at Alexandre-deSève Street in the gay village.  

Again this year, there’s the idea to link the old gay village in the downtown area to the present day village in the Eastern part of town so that people can recall, especially the younger generation, that the bars and other establishments used to be downtown. 

Tens of thousands of people will line up René-Lévesque Blvd. again this year to attend this colorful parade. A T-Dance party will follow the parade with Dj’s, drag queens, lots of beautiful boys and gals, etc.  

The program will be unveiled next June but we know already that drag queens will invade the stage for some huge show on Saturday Night following the Community Fair Day. Also Québec singers and artists will take the stage for some wonderful events during this Pride attended by many LGBTQ+ people from around the world.