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Québec Wines — A passion that bears fruit

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Vignoble Coteau Rougemont
Photo prise par © Tourisme Montérégie, Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau Rougemont
Québec’s viniculture history stretches back centuries! Upon landing on Île d’Orléans in 1535, Jacques Cartier named it “Île de Bacchus” (after the ancient god of grapevines, celebrations and wine) due to the sheer variety of wild vines that grew there. Many ships have since sailed on our majestic St. Lawrence River and several grape varieties have been created in Québec. 
Indeed, the province now boasts nearly a hundred vineyards in about 15 regions across Québec producing still, fortified, sparkling and organic wines. The province’s main white grape varieties include the Cayuga, Eona, Seyral, Vidal and about a dozen more, while its core red varieties include the Chancellor, De Chaunac, Maréchal Foch, St. Croix and a dozen more. 
Over half of Québec’s wineries are found in the two tourist regions that produce the most wine, namely the Eastern Townships and Montérégie. Various wine routes enable you to discover the secrets of viniculture and oenology. Explore any of these wine routes and meet enthusiastic winegrowers that will be thrilled to share their passion and knowledge with you. You’ll be sure to make fantastic discoveries and meet warm, friendly people. 
Québec’s wineries harvest their grapes in September, with many picking activities held during this time. Moreover, several other winery activities are organised year-round. 
Several Québec wines are available at SAQ outlets. You may also stock up on your favourites at the wineries and some public markets throughout Québec. 
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Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau Rougemont

1105, La Petite-Caroline, Rougemont, QC J0L 1M0. 
T. 450 469-3090 www.coteaurougemont.com
Operated by the Robert family, the Coteau Rougemont vineyard and cider house is in full expansion. A great summer outing opportunity to take the time to discover a local production 45 minutes from Montreal, the time to enjoy a tasting of the most captivating given the diversity of products offered by this company. A wide range of wines and ciders presented on site in the charm of this vineyard which offers a shop, a guided tour on reservation of the facilities and the vineyard. A half day to learn under the sign of the pleasure of the palate. 
White, red, rosé, sparkling, ice and sweet wines, the choice is vast to suit all tastes and for all occasions, especially as the vineyard of Coteau Rougemont is on a land favorable to the vine by its facing south, protected from the wind by woods and apple orchards, and thus benefiting from a privileged microclimate. The vineyard currently has about 50,000 plants of different grape varieties (Frontenac Gris and Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, among others) to develop quality wines of international reputation. 
Same diversity of ciders, we are in the region of Rougemont where the apple is queen, which are declined in all their forms including a cider with raspberries which justifies by itself a stop at the vineyard and cider house Coteau Rougemont. The quality is at the rendezvous since at the Vinalies International de Paris in 2015, the cider house was awarded two gold medals, one for its Ice Cider 2012, the other for its Poiré de Glace 2013. Perry comes from a process similar to cider but from pears. If the products are available in some of Montreal’s SAQ, nothing can replace the discovery of these at the place of their transformation. This is what the Robert family wants, that we discover their terroir and take the time to taste their products and that of talking with a passionate staff who will receive you at the inn Coteau Rougemont. Exceptional pleasure guaranteed.vin