May 18

Amanda Lepore headlines Wiggle

Richard Burnett

Trans icon and former New York City club kid Amanda Lepore will be the special guest at the 25th edition of the wearable art and wig festival called “Wiggle” which will be held at the Mile Ex arts space Never Apart on May 18.

Lepore wasn’t available for a recent interview, but when she performed in Montreal a decade ago, Amanda told me, “There is something alien about my face. 
There is something spacey about me. I still emulate the (classic Hollywood) bombshells but my look is retro so that I look spacey as well as new and fresh. If I dressed like Lady Gaga, (my face) would get lost. But because I dress retro, vamp and classic, the (alien) qualities come out more.” 
Never Apart hosts its Wiggle [email protected] at the Musée des beaux arts de Montréal on May 1, then presents Wiggle at Never Apart on May 18 with special guest Amanda Lepore. For more information and tickets, visit