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CÔTE-NORD — Côte-Nord–Duplessis is a region of majestic proportions. Amidst the immensity of the river and mountains, eastern CôteNord will take your breath away with its views of the Mingan Archipelago, Anticosti Island and the Lower North Shore. 

Hunting and fishing buffs: adventure awaits you! In 2008, the Côte-Nord region established a gourmet route boasting over 30 attractions and restaurants in the area that offer diverse flavourful products. By taking the gourmet route from the Fjord du Saguenay to Natashquan, you’ll sample local products and meet the people who bring these creations to life. For those always on the hunt for something new and different, you’ll enjoy discovering Aboriginal delicacies, fresh seafood dishes and the culinary specialties of the region’s chefs. Along the way, you’ll find unique shops, inns and restaurants that stand out for their authentic local cuisine. Get swept up in all the mouthwatering goodness of the butchers, fish mongers, sweet shops and fine food stores. Food lovers take note: you won’t be disappointed!


The northern coastal area of Duplessis offers myriad recreational, sports and outdoor activities. Here, you’ll enjoy some 40 specialized hunting and fishing outfitters, numerous campgrounds and cottages, not to mention the Anticosti Island and PortCartierSeptÎles wildlife reserves. Enjoy nature to the fullest on the region’s hiking trails and at its attractions and outdoor activity centres. CôteNord is also notable for the vast number of fine-sand beaches that line its shores. The numerous bays and coves make this ideal kayaking country.  

The region’s best              
Those who love nature and wide open spaces will be rewarded in Duplessis with magnificent panoramas the entire length of its 900km (560mi.) coastline. Some of the region’s highlights include the mighty Gulf of St. Lawrence, whales, the mythical Mingan Archipelago, seaside villages and fine-sand beaches. Photographers, grab your cameras! You’re sure to be captivated by our scenery and northern lights. Also enjoy the diversity of our region’s offering: the beaches of PortCartier, city life in SeptÎles, the gargantuan hydroelectric projects in Fermont (via Route 389), the large concentration of whitetailed deer on Anticosti Island, and the down-to-earth villages of the Lower North Shore. The numerous outfitters dotting the territory have everything to please hunting and fishing enthusiasts.


Must see

The Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada protects a string of limestone islands, the site of mythical monoliths. The Park protects some 1,000 islands and islets along a 150km (93mi.) stretch of coast from LonguePointedeMingan to the mouth of Rivière Aguanish.

L'archipel des Sept Îles
The archipelago, which gives its name to Sept-Îles, is an amalgam of various ecological environments highlighted by an accentuated relief of seascapes of exceptional quality. Aged about 565 million years ago, the islands of the Sept-Îles archipelago are largely composed of anorthosite and granite. They are also privileged witnesses of the history of the region. They saw Basque fishermen / hunters, they knew the explorer Jacques Cartier passing in 1535, they also saw coureurs des bois, Innu and merchants come and go to the trading post not far from home. They have also seen whales, dolphins, terns, mollusc and flying penguins. Each of the seven islands contains a treasure and a unique history.




Our bilingual gay friendly tour guide has been published in mid-May and is distributed in Greater Montreal area, Quebec City and in the Regions via the tourist information offices which requested it, and in about fifty points outside Quebec. The Québec Rainbow Guide / Guide Arc-en-ciel is also be handed to foreign participants of a dozen LGBT sports tournaments, as well as at major events in Quebec, in Canada, in United States and in Europe.

The Québec Rainbow Guide / Guide Arc-en-ciel is also available in virtual formats PDF, ISSUU and PressReader :


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