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Théâtre Centaur

Théâtre Centaur

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Théâtre Centaur
453 St. François-Xavier Montreal, Québec H2Y 2T1

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[ENGLISH] Centaur Theatre Company is a non profit organization dedicated to creating, developing, producing and presenting an array of plays. Through our plays and other theatrical explorations from the local, national and international scene, it is our mission to inspire ardour and relevance that relates directly to the modern human experience. We are guided in our efforts by a philosophy of staying current. It is our goal to remain up to date in the class of innovative world theatre, while simultaneously presenting a dynamic mix of theatrical form and content drawn from the classical, modern and cutting edge vein.

It is also our mission to participate and foster the spirit of theatrical collaboration with the International, National and Quebecois theatre community at large – with an emphasis on Montreal. We adhere to a mandate of presenting the plays of Montreal playwrights, in addition to other Canadian writers.

Our additional goal is to implement and employ outreach initiatives and programs that will assist in the development of Montreal theatre artists and audiences alike. We are equally driven to maintain a clear community, while affirming our national and international identity. We will carry out all of our aforementioned objectives through the conscientious management of our business affairs.

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