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ACCM - AIDS Community Care Montreal

ACCM - AIDS Community Care Montreal


ACCM - AIDS Community Care Montreal
2075 Rue Plessis Montréal, Québec H2L 2Y4

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ACCM is Quebec's only English-language community organization that provides services for people living with HIV or hepatitis C. Our peer support, practical assistance and treatment information programs aim to improve the quality of life of our members and encourage their personal development. ACCM's volunteer-driven community engagement is at the foundation of our efforts to prevent sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections. We coordinate innovative sex education projects that promote confidence and wellbeing. We also take leadership advocating on important hepatitis C and HIV-related issues such as discrimination, treatment and prevention. Each of our actions is rooted in the meaningful involvement of persons living with HIV and hepatitis C, through community input, volunteer participation, and membership-driven program development. The voices of our members are central to ACCM's guidance and we work in collaboration with our many communities to build a compassionate and caring response to HIV and hepatitis C.