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    Climb to the top of a bountiful nature

    Whether you are a seasoned climber or an adventure seeker who would like to try rock climbing, Québec has an abundance of natural sites and artificial facilities where you can practice the various types of climbing: traditional climbing, sport climbing, top roping or bouldering, the choice is yours!

    Our wide open spaces feature some 250 sites in 13 regions… and that includes Montréal! Escalating cliffs or mountains is sure to provide some exhilarating moments, magnificent landscapes, and breathtaking views once you reach the summit. What better way to try something that is out of the beaten path, right in the heart of Québec’s great outdoors! 

    Photo_Zachary Rose

    If you would like to try rock climbing under the supervision of a certified instructor, or to engage in your passion regardless of the weather, try one of the artificial walls created in Québec’s many climbing centres. These facilities cater to climbers of every level, offering themed climbing walls, overhang structures, giant blocks, and state-of-the-art environments.  

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    Photo_Odette Pelletier — Société d’écologie de la batture de Kamouraska
    Photo_Zachary Rose

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