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    Discovering Quebec

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    Discovering QuebecLES + RÉCENTS

    Montréal Pride Festival officially invites you online from August 9 to 15, 2021!

    Under this year’s theme TOGETHER FOR ALL, we will do all in our power to unite and breathe life into our communities around a...

    Fun at the beach

    With its multitude of lakes, rivers and streams, and a large portion of its territory set along one of the longest rivers in the...

    Surfing in Québec?

    Of course! In Montréal? Absolutely! More and more enthusiasts are discovering river surfing on the St. Lawrence River, including right in the heart of...

    Follow the flavor trails

    They say spectacular scenery and savoury food go hand in hand, and Québec is no exception. Discover local products amidst superb landscapes while travelling...

    Québec Wines Passion that bears fruit

    Québec boasts nearly a hundred vineyards in about 15 regions across Québec producing still, fortified, sparkling and organic wines. Hybrid grape varieties able to...

    Electrifying tours of the industrial electrical heritage

    Every summer, Hydro-Québec invites you to visit its power stations, dams and other facilities! The opportunity is ideal to discover an exceptional industrial and...

    Discovering Quebec

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