Jeudi, 2 Décembre 2021
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    Marching to their own beat: Crown Lands drummer Cody Bowles

    The future looks bright and loud for powerhouse rock duo Crown Lands. Praised by the BBC and Rolling Stone, they are the next great rock...

    Journey with H. Nigel Thomas

    Acclaimed Montreal author H. Nigel Thomas emigrated to Canada in 1968 to attend Concordia University as an out young gay man escaping homophobia in...

    The rage of Brad Fraser

    The raw talent and pure rage of Brad Fraser fueled the rise of the famed and famously abrasive Canadian playwright to great acclaim on...

    The literary world of Christopher DiRaddo

    Montreal author Christopher DiRaddo burst onto the literary scene with his 2014 novel The Geography of Pluto. It was an auspicious debut: Queer lit...


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