Vendredi, 29 septembre 2023
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    Gender affirmation: New tools for a more inclusive workplace

    Surgery, hormone therapy, legal name changes, clothing... There are many ways to transition genders, and someone who's going through the process can pick whatever...

    The art of Evergon

    Artist, teacher, queer activist and cultural icon Evergon was “gobsmacked” to receive one of the Artistic Achievement Awards in the 2023 Governor General’s Awards in...

    Pulling strings with Ronnie Burkett 

    Canadian national treasure and master puppeteer Ronnie Burkett returns to Montreal with his bawdy Daisy Theatre gang in Little Willy, a brand-new production based on...

    LGBTQ+ events at Blue Metropolis Festival 2023

    Here are some highlights of LGBTQ events and LGBTQ participants (French and English) at the 25th edition of the Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival...

    Sasha Velour’s world of drag

    American drag legend Sasha Velour launches her debut book The Big Reveal: An Illustrated Manifesto of Drag (HarperCollins) on her new tour “The Big Reveal Live Show!” which...

    Landscape Grindr with Michael Martini

    Montreal theatre artist Michael Martini has worked across Montreal’s bilingual, queer, interdisciplinary scene, often collaborating with dancers and visual artists.  Martini has shown work at...

    Local News

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