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    Québec is your playground

    Whether it’s a tranquil forest walk you’re seeking, a heart-pounding ride on a zipline, or paddling out into the open water—you’ll love our nature. Its beauty transcends every season—unspoiled boreal forests, soaring fjords, glistening lakes, sandy beaches, and northern lights—providing diverse landscapes to explore, whether you live like a local for a few weeks or simply enjoy an invigorating day out.

    National Parks
    Three of Parks Canada’s gems are located in Quebec. Head to Forillon National Park, La Mauricie National Park or Mingan Archilago National Park Reserve to create lasting memories, and discover some of Québec’s most significant natural wonders. Explore 27 national parks and camp on site, rent a cabin or enjoy eco-lodging. Extraordinary experiences await at Québec’s national parks! Together, these immense protected spaces boast an astounding diversity of natural sites, recreational possibilities and scenery.

    Most are under the jurisdiction of the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq). Forillon, La Mauricie and the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve are run by Parks Canada, while the Saguenay–St. Lawrence Marine Park is managed jointly by the two organizations.

    Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

    In summer, Québec’s 24 national parks offer a wealth of incredible sights, whether you’re on foot, in a canoe or in a kayak. All of this protected land presents an opportunity to get in touch with nature and make surprising discoveries. Québec’s national parks welcome all nature lovers, with abundant and diverse fauna, and some 200 trails where hikers can seek out breathtaking views.

    Practise water sports on the parks’ immense lakes, surrounded by idyllic scenery. Here, nature becomes not only a source of inspiration and replenishment, but also a huge playground. At dusk, head back to your campsite, ready-to-camp tent, cottage or yurt to relax next to the campfire and regain your strength for the next adventure-filled day. Don’t bother trying to resist the spell of your surroundings; you are in fact in a winter wonderland. Keep your eyes peeled: you might spot the tracks of a number of elusive animals, such as moose and foxes. Come nightfall, you may even hear the hooting of a barred owl. And where can you spend a cozy night in the cold season? Try a cottage, a yurt, a shelter or even a four-star inn—the options abound!

    Collines Kékéto / Photo__Mathieu Dupuis

    Wildlife watching
    You’ve just dipped your paddle in the river when you hear a splash a few metres away—a whale breaks the water’s surface to greet you as a seabird dives for fish in the distance. Or you find yourself on the trail of a gentle deer in a forest, or a cute squirrel in a city park. Whether by land or by water, a visit to Québec will surely include enchanting encounters with some of its nearly 650 animal species. Spot a moose as you wander a boreal forest, or a blue heron while strolling along an urban canal. Be awed by the sight of thousands of snow geese, or take a boat tour of the St. Lawrence to see the whales—our wildlife can be enjoyed in provincial parks and nature reserves, or observed in the wil

    Photo__Hokké / StuartDavid — Nuvavik
    Photo__Steve Deschênes — Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier
    Photo__Mathieu Dupuis — Abitibi-Témiscamingue — Collines Kékéto

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