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    Full House, february 2024

    February, the heart of winter, the heart of the cold season… When the coldest month of the year arrives, it feels like the frost and darkness are endless. Nothing better than a good playlist that will get you moving in order to find a little light and manage to warm your butt this season. It’s no coincidence that Igloofest, Patins platines and Nuit blanche rely on the strength of DJs to light you up throughout the winter. To keep you alive and awake while waiting for March to arrive, I’m offering you an overview of the hottest songs on the house and dance scene of the moment. As suggested by the name of the column, I give you three new releases and two hits to hear again to complete your FULL HOUSE. Turn up the volume!

    Three Recent Songs to Discover

    Dom Dolla – Saving Up
    Prolific Australian producer Dom Dolla, who gave us Eat Your Man (with Nelly Furtado) last June, came back in October with the lively Saving Up to end the year in style. The new track is a heartfelt, summer drenched, hug-ya mate affirmation, born out of an end-of-summer studio session overlooking Brighton Beach (UK’s favourite LGBTQ destination). Saving Up is personal and reflective, exploring the theme of prioritizing relationships with loved ones over the relentless pursuit of personal fortunes, saving time for the ones you love. An uptempo disco-flavoured banger guaranteed to light up the dance floor, the tune is reminiscent of the best years of the Hed Kandi Beach House label. Definitely the perfect song to kick off your spring 5@7 and it will still resonate perfectly on your poolside next summer.

    Britney Spears et Snakehips – I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
    To mark the launch of her biography as well as the theatrical return of her film Crossroads, Britney Spears released three new remixes taken from the film’s soundtrack last October. In addition to Overprotected (Richi Lopez Remix) and I Love Rock ’N Roll (Frank Walker Remix), which are sorely lacking in flavour, the eternal schoolgirl has teamed up with the British duo Snakehips to give birth to the perfect and delicious I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman. From the first notes of the song, you’ll be transported back in time to 2002 as the pop star was recovering from her breakup with Justin Timberlake and you were going through the emotional roller coaster of teenagehood. With a rapid beat and a light melody, the Snakehips remix gives a new colour to Spears’ hit without distorting the original song. Your party will be a guaranteed success if you play this earworm to your guests.

    Yann Muller – Évidemment
    Like a gift subtly slipped into a Christmas stocking, French virtuoso Yann Muller teased his Instagram fans with a preview of this new remix on Christmas Eve. Officially released on December 29, this revisited version of France Gall’s 1988 success once again showcases the full range of the French musician’s production talent. As rich and surprising as all the other remixes concocted by Yann Muller, this new and unexpected offering arrives like a comforting balm in the heart of the cold season. As you let yourself be transported by its slow and rhythmic melody, you can almost feel the Mediterranean wind enveloping your skin. While you’re at it, don’t forget to listen to Muller’s other French classics such as Dalida’s Mourir sur scène, Gilbert Montagné’s On va s’aimer or Cheb Khaled’s Aicha.

    Two Songs to Play Again

    Block & Crown – Who Is Billie Jean
    Everyone has been spilling the tea about Billie Jean since 1982, without ever giving her the opportunity to share her side of the story. It’s now done with Dutch duo Block & Crown finally giving her the chance to express herself majestically through this response to Michael Jackson’s cult song. Released last May, Who Is Billie Jean revisits the lyrics of the original track by detailing the dramatic confrontation between Billie Jean and her lover from the woman’s point of view. Interpreted by a female singer, the song adds percussion on the offbeat of the original song, which accentuates the syncopation and makes you wan to dance even more. There are very few remixes that completely revisit the words of a song, much less in such a successful way, so this new take on Michael Jackson’s 80s popular track is a definite must-have in your playlist!

    Richie Rozex – Smooth Operator
    Probably one of the best remixes of 2023, this version of Smooth Operator launched last June by Dutch DJ Richie Rozex is the perfect example of a totally successful remake. It was after hearing a bootleg version of Sade’s track on TikTok that Rozex decided to produce his own song. As impacting as the original song released in 1984, the house version certainly allowed the British singer to introduce her hit to a whole new generation of fans. With a fast pace and a melody as snappy as it is catchy, the new version works as much for an early evening crescendo as for a good wow on the dance floor. Once you hear this excellent version, I dare you not to sing the chorus all day… Smooth Operatooooooooor, Smooooooth, Operatooor…

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