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    FULL HOUSE – March 2024

    Oh March, oh return of vitamin D! As spring slowly makes its way around the corner, you’ll need to update your playlist to prepare for chilly terraces season. Whether you’re looking for the perfect song to accompany your morning latte or your happy hour espresso martini, you’ve come to the right place to find the perfect soundtrack for your spring activities. Take off your mitts, and take out your phone, here’s an overview of the hottest songs on the house, dance and lounge scenes of the moment. As suggested by the name of the column, I give you three new releases and two hits to hear again to complete your FULL HOUSE. You’re welcome!

    Three Recent Songs to Discover
    PNAU & Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Murder on the Dancefloor
    As if the buzz surrounding Sophie Ellis-Bextor and her hit Murder on the Dancefloor wasn’t big enough following the song’s use in the final scene of Saltburn, here comes Australian band PNAU with a brand new remix of the popular 2001 hit. The new version from the group that gave us the megahit Cold Heart, with Dua Lipa and Elton John, gives a very current touch to the song while preserving the velvet in the singer’s voice and the richness of the original arrangements. As reported by Billboard, the synthesizers added to the piece are reminiscent of the cosmic effect present in Daft Punk’s Around the World, and one listen will convince you that the magazine is right.

    Fisher, Chris Lake & Sante Sansone – Somebody (2024)
    Thirteen years ago, Gotye and Kimbra released Somebody That I Used to Know, which turned, at the time, to be an annoyingly efficient earworm. Whether or not you’re a fan, one must admit that the song was a massive hit, earning two Grammys and marking history for better or for worse. Fans will be happy to know that Grammy-nominated DJ and producer FISHER, globally revered selector Chris Lake and Italian DJ phenomenon Sante Sansone have joined forces on “Somebody (2024)”, their hotly anticipated take on the classic, which came out on February 9th. The party-rousing take on the iconic 2011 Gotye hit has become a crowd favourite over the past year, having played a starring role in FISHER and Chris Lake’s record-breaking Coachella set and becoming a TikTok sensation ever since, with 5 million views and 100K likes overall.

    Felix Jaehn & Leony – Waking Up
    Sometimes, new tracks take artists forever to create, and sometimes they just happen organically and easy, according to Felix Jaehn, to whom we owe the excellent Ain’t Nobody. Speaking about his new song Waking Up, dropped on January 12th, the German DJ and producer explained on Instagram how he and Leony simply came up with the idea and brought it to life: “Leony played me the idea of the song by the pool when we were on vacation together in November. I remember how suddenly everyone felt elevated and we were having the best time together! We captured that moment, finessed the song and produced it as soon as we got back home, and here we are.” Easy peasy. Merci Felix!

    Deux succès à réécouter
    Frankie Knuckles, Hercules & Love Affair – Blind
    Released in 2008, Blind, by New York duo Hercules & Love Affair, is the kind of timeless song that ages like a good wine. No wonder we heard it recently at the friendly cocktail bar Pamplemousse, on Saint-Laurent. Add in the creative touch of none other than the father of house music himself, Frankie Knuckles, and the track rises to a level of deification. The Knuckles remix gives the song a touch of lounge groove which makes it the perfect framework for a relaxing moment at the cocktail bar with friends.

    Purple Disco Machine & Chemise – She Can’t Love You
    Originally released in 1982, She Can’t Love You by Chemise still sounds like the future of funk, 40 years after its original release. Jazz/soul guitarist Ronald Muldrow and signer Rickie Byars Beckwith took influence from early disco and funk to create a charming sound of synthesizers and electric pianos. Launched exactly two years ago, in March 2022, this new version by Purple Disco Machine finally allows the song to blend in easily with your more current tracks, which was not the case with the original version.

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